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Term 1

Lesson 1: Introduction to Complex Numbers

Lesson 2: Conjugates and Moduli

Lesson 3: De Moivre’s Theorem and Euler’s Formula

Lesson 4: Vectors and Triangle Inequality

Lesson 5: Roots of Unity

Lesson 6: Complex Loci

Lesson 7: Basics of Proof and Number Theory

Lesson 8: Induction

Lesson 9: Harder Induction

Lesson 10: End of Term Exam

Term 2

Lesson 1: Inequalities

Lesson 2: Harder Inequalities, Miscellaneous Questions

Lesson 3: Integration Basics

Lesson 4: Further Integration Techniques and Substitution

Lesson 5: Advanced Integration Techniques

Lesson 6: Reduction Formulae

Lesson 7: Vector Basics

Lesson 8: 3D Vectors

Lesson 9: Lines, Planes, Shapes

Lesson 10: End of Term Exam

Term 3

Lesson 1: Geometrical Applications

Lesson 2: Normal Motion

Lesson 3: Resisted Motion

Lesson 4: Simple Harmonic Motion

Lesson 5: Projectile Motion

Lesson 6: Projectile Motion 2

Lesson 7: Revision

Lesson 8: Revision

Lesson 9: End of Term Exam

Lesson 10: End of Year Exam

Term 4

Term 4 is dedicated to weekly HSC-predicted exams. Each of the 8 weeks includes the exam AND a 2-hour exam review.

Lesson 1: EP1 and Review

Lesson 2: EP2 and Review

Lesson 3: EP3 and Review

Lesson 4: EP4 and Review

Lesson 5: EP5 and Review

Lesson 6: EP6 and Review

Lesson 7: EP7 and Review

Lesson 8: EP8 and Review

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