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John Xie

ATAR 99.95 Dux of NSB

1st in Economics (97) 1st in English Advanced (96) 99 for 4U Maths 98 for 3U Maths 96 in Chemistry

Serena Hu

ATAR 98+ NSG Graduate

2nd in Economics (95) Bachelor of Commerce at USYD USYD Top Student in Economics 2019 UBS Cadet

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Term 1

Lesson 1: Fundamentals of HSC Economics

Lesson 2: Globalisation I

Lesson 3: Globalisation II

Lesson 4: Protection I

Lesson 5: Protection II

Lesson 6: International Organisations

Lesson 7: Free Trade I

Lesson 8: Free Trade II

Lesson 9: Case Study

Lesson 10: End of Term Exam

Term 2

Lesson 1: Balance of Payments

Lesson 2: Exchange Rates I

Lesson 3: Exchange Rate II

Lesson 4: Economic Growth I

Lesson 5: Economic Growth II

Lesson 6: Unemployment

Lesson 7: Inflation I

Lesson 8: Inflation II

Lesson 9: External Stability

Lesson 10: End of Term Exam

Term 3

Lesson 1: Distribution of Income and Wealth

Lesson 2: Environmental Sustainability

Lesson 3: Fiscal Policy I

Lesson 4: Fiscal Policy II

Lesson 5: Monetary Policy I

Lesson 6: Monetary Policy II

Lesson 7: Microeconomic Policy

Lesson 8: Labour Market Policy I

Lesson 9: Labour Market Policy II

Lesson 10: End of Year Exam

Term 4

Term 4 is dedicated to weekly HSC-predicted exams. Each of the 8 weeks includes the exam AND a 2-hour exam review.

Lesson 1: EP1 and Review

Lesson 2: EP2 and Review

Lesson 3: EP3 and Review

Lesson 4: EP4 and Review

Lesson 5: EP5 and Review

Lesson 6: EP6 and Review

Lesson 7: EP7 and Review

Lesson 8: EP8 and Review


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