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Jason Lin

ATAR 99.95 Dux of Knox Grammar

4th in NSW for 4U Maths (100) 1st in NSW for 3U Maths (100) 1st in NSW for 2U Maths (100) 3rd in NSW for Chemistry 1st in Physics

Nash Hawkins

ATAR 99.90 Dux of Parramatta Marist

1st in 4U Maths (97) 1st in 3U Maths 1st in Physics 1st in Chemistry 18th in NSW for English Advanced

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Term 1

Lesson 1: Algebra I - Algebraic Techniques, Factorisations

Lesson 2: Algebra II - Further Algebra, Index Laws, Surds

Lesson 3: Algebra III - Simple Equations and Inequalities, Linear Equations

Lesson 4: Graphing I - Lines Simultaneous Equations

Lesson 5: Graphing II - Absolute Values, Circles, Quadratics, Hyperbolas

Lesson 6: Graphing III - Regions, Further Quadratic Work

Lesson 7: Functions - Functions and Relations, Classification, General Function Types

Lesson 8: Trigonometry 1 - Introduction and Review, Exact Values and Triangles, Graphing

Lesson 9: Trigonometry II - Geometry, Bearings and Sine/Cosine Rules

Lesson 10: End of Term Exam

Term 2

Lesson 1: Trigonometry III - Radians, Circle Formulas, Basic Identities

Lesson 2: Trigonometry IV - Equations and Proofs

Lesson 3: Differentiation I - First Principles, Limits, Continuity

Lesson 4: Differentiation II - Rules

Lesson 5: Differentiation III - Applications of the Derivative

Lesson 6: Differentiation IV - Applications of the Derivative

Lesson 7: Exponentials and Logs I - Introduction, Graphing

Lesson 8: Exponentials and Logs II - Solving Equations, Applications of Log

Lesson 9: Exponentials and Logs III - Calculus with Exponential and Logs

Lesson 10: End of Term Exam

Term 3

Lesson 1: Probability 1 - Interpreting Data

Lesson 2: Probability II - Probability Rules and Formulas

Lesson 3: Discrete Probability I - Random Variables

Lesson 4: Discrete Probability II - Variance, Standard Deviation and Harder Examples

Lesson 5: Review I

Lesson 6: Review II

Lesson 7: Review III

Lesson 8: End of Term Exam

Lesson 9: End of Year Exam I

Lesson 10: End of Year Exam II


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